Cyberbullying VS. Physical Bullying

BullyingHey guys,

Another topic that has been suggested to me is the one of comparing and contrasting Cyberbullying versus Physical bullying, and which of these two types of bullying could possibly be worse than the other.

According to “Cyberbullying is not worse than Physical bullying”, cyberbullying is not worse than the physical side of bullying for a couple of reasons.

The first being that most teens that were polled feel that more of there peers are bullying through online means. In fact they are right, about 32% of kids who use the internet to connect in some way, feel like they have been bullied.

While this is very serious, 62% of those kids also face bullying offline. While teens are likely to be bullied online because most kids are, it could be more serious to be bullied in a physical way.

Kids agree that while Cyberbullying could hurt for a while, a punch…hurts everytime.

According to Cyberbullying is worse than Physical bullying, Cyberbullying is in fact worse than Physical bullying.

The reasoning behind that theory is that while physical bullying can hurt temporarily, cyperbullying can be more widespread. A large group of people can view a picture or a post that can really hurt someone.

Once on the internet, its almost impossible to get off.

In most cases it is harder to monitor than physical bullying. While a teacher can break up a fight, they cannot necessarily stop someone from posting an embarrassing photo online.

Another problem with the cyberbullying world is the fact that there is no refuge for one to seek. With physical bullying, you can steer clear of a certain person which you cannot do with cyberbullying.

Both of these types of bullying are very real and very scary. There really is not one that is worse than another, so… just do not participate in either or any type of bullying.



  • #   kyleeky94 on 04.04.11 at 11:31 pm     

    I guess I had never really thought that Cyberbullying could be so harmful. Both physical and cyber bullying are so bad. I guess the saying “stick and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” isn’t true at all!

  • #   mormonman on 04.05.11 at 12:48 am     

    Yes I completely agree. People do not realize that by saying certain things that some may take as a joke, others may find it extremely offensive and even take some comments as bullying.

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